Don't pay for someone to help you apply for loan forgiveness. Really?

When I read an article that says, "You never have to pay someone to help you apply for loan forgiveness", it makes me wonder if they really understand what's going on in the industry? Do they know that student loan service providers don't really care whether you are successful at obtaining your goal of becoming debt free? Do they know that 99% of applicants have been denied loan forgiveness, due to the mismanagement of their accounts and the inaccurate information they have given those applicants? Do they know that thousands of borrowers have made payments that they THOUGHT were going towards the forgiveness program, only to be told later, that the payments didn't qualify, or that they were on the WRONG program? Being in the debt relief/document preparation industry for 10 years, I have spoken to no less than 8,000 student loan borrowers, so believe me, I know what I'm talking about. These people tell me their sad stories like  "I sent in my paperwork t

Student Loan Forgiveness Made Simple

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is clearly one of the best government programs available to the millions of public service employees with unmanageable student loan debt. A public service employee is someone who works for any state or federal government agency, public school, or an employee of a non profit (501c3) company. It does not matter what your position is. You can be a bus driver, a school principal, or a receptionist for the YMCA. The program allows for the forgiveness of your federal student loan debt, after making 120 income driven payments while working for a qualified public service employer. Let's face it. If you owe $20K, $50K, or $100K on your student loan, it's going to be a tremendous challenge to pay it off. Those who are lucky or resourceful enough to afford large payments, will have to make huge sacrifices to their budgets, and lifestyles to pay off this debt. Most borrowers live beyond their means, therefore, they cannot make large payments